The 5 Stages of Snapstreak Grief


So, you’ve built up 100+ days on Snapchat only to accidentally throw it all away. This is a tough time for anyone. Snapstreaks take dedication, commitment, and a whole lot of late night “OMG STREAK” wall-pictures. When they fall through, it’s easy to enter into a serious grieving phase. Luckily, we’re here to help you through the process.


1. Denial: “It’s a glitch, right?!?”

No. It’s not. The number you’ve seen grow every day is gone. All you’re left with is a taunting happy-face emoji. To make it through this first stage of grief, try staring at the space next to the emoji and repeat to yourself “emojis are better than numbers, emojis are better than numbers.”


2.  Anger: “Why didn’t my friend warn me???”

As tempting as it may be to blame your friend for this tragedy, remember that it was not their responsibility. Maybe they were napping. Maybe they were in class and didn’t see the timer. The important thing is to not blame others for your misfortune. It’s much healthier to turn the anger inwards. Some helpful techniques include banging your head on a wall, sobbing violently, and neglecting all real-life social activities because you couldn’t even keep a digital social life, ugh, you idiot!!!


3. Bargaining: “Dear Snapchat, please pity me!”

At this stage, you’ll find yourself searching Google how to write to Snapchat. You may go as far as typing out a sad and desperate plea to the app to reinstall your streak. Of course, it’s not the app’s fault, but you’ll pretend it is to sound more legitimate. When writing your request, be sure to include as many lies as possible. “The timer didn’t show up!”, “My wifi couldn’t connect!”, and “I just moved to Malaysia, so the time difference was off!” are all solid options.


4. Depression: “I’m the worst friend ever”

Yeah, you are. Cry it out.


5. Acceptance: “This isn’t a big deal!”

Social media should not be the sole determiner of the value we place on our relationships. We know better than to let virtual milestone replace true connection and friendship. I mean, we’re not shallow enough to really think that a high streak on an app is #goals, right?

…jk we totally are.

Start snapping again right now.

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