Calvin Klein Releases New Scent in Canada to Celebrate Legal Marijuana

In an attempt to reach the youth and boost sales, Calvin Klein has decided to release a new scent celebrating Canada’s legalization of marijuana. The new scent, dubbed Febreze/Weed, is supposed to bring back nostalgia of when kids smoke weed and then spray febreze to cover up the scent. As we all know, the Febreze doesn’t really cover the scent so much as blend with it to create a beautiful hybrid stoners everywhere love. With legal marijuana, the scent will be much harder to come by, but fear not — now Calvin Klein is selling it. They recommend wearing it with one of those woven hoodies, jeans, Birkenstocks, and your favorite beanie when you go out to see the new Transformers movie with your girlfriend who plans on breaking up with you soon because your life isn’t going anywhere.

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