Daily Mail Let America Down

This morning was a sad one.

There’s a lot going on in the world, and many people like to read the news when they get up. Others avoid such vitriol at the very start of their day.

Others still turn instead to the simple pleasures of the Daily Mail SnapStory.

It’s been a tough few weeks in the world, and on this morning as much as ever, viewers turned to the Daily Mail SnapStory for a healthy dose of videos and images of celebrity’s boobs and butts. Instead, the unthinkable happened.No funny celeb wedgies. No bikini pics of Emily Raja-whateverhernameis vacationing in the third tropical place this week. Instead, Daily Mail spewed out a torrent of real news, of hard hitting stuff about bombings and shootings and even a few disgusting videos about people falling or getting limbs chopped off or whatever in the mix.

We did not need fails or sad bloopers, and we certainly did not need to see any real news. Not from the Daily Mail! We needed boobs and butts. We barely got any side-boob. We got no butt. The Daily Mail let its viewers down. They let the day down. They let America down.

Bring back the butts. Save our country.

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