Penn Students’ Favorite Things About The Rain

We at Punch Bowl have heard a lot of complaining about the rain this past week. These include: “It just makes Monday’s so dreary”, “I forgot an umbrella and ruined my hair” or “I got a cold from sitting in three freezing lecture halls with wet socks which has turned into pneumonia and I have to write all my final papers from my hospital bed and the doctors are saying I might not make it.” Such whiners!

Hoping to get some more positive takes on the weather, we took to Locust Walk during the storm on Monday to ask passing students what their favorite thing about the rain is. Here are their responses:

Student 1: “I was running late to class anyway and now have an excuse, I guess”

Student 2: “The puddles make riding my hoverboard to class feel like a log flume! With the added risk of getting electrocuted! Sick!”

Student 3: *got washed away*

Student 4: “I get to show off my new Gucci raincoat!” 

Squirrel 1: “Even the humans look like wet rats. Really boosts my confidence.”

Student 5: “What the fuck are you doing? There is literally only one dryish path if you can jump five feet and you’re in the way!”

Student 6: “I like to hug my bag close as the freezing rain hits my face and pretend I’m at the lowest point in an inspiring biopic about my life where I’m doing whatever it takes to get that education… even if I’m actually just trying to get a sandwich safely home from Wawa.”

Student 7: “Literally nothing.”

Student 8: “The food truck lines are shorter.”

Student 9: *drowned*

Remember to look on the bright side! It could be snow and then your classes might get canceled! How awful would that be?! 

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