Would Anyone Be Interested In Subletting This Cardboard Box I Found Outside FroGro

Summer is quickly approaching and, according to the class Facebook pages, many students are still looking for affordable, local summer housing? While many already have accommodations lined up, your internship may have just gotten back to you or your professor may have just let you know they have been approved to hire a research assistant (even though, let’s be honest, they have probably known for months and just got around to it). Whatever the reason, incompetence or a heartless industry that assumes you’ll bend over backwards at a moments notice to accommodate an offer, you’ve found yourself in need of last minute housing.  

Your friends have already found subletters and everything online is way out of the price range for an unpaid intern. You may even have a housing stipend. But that won’t even cover two weeks in a sketchy Airbnb’s.  Even the idea of subletting in a frat where the mattress has been stiffened by dried cum and you’ll be responsible for cleaning the house dog’s poop is sounding appealing. After all, they may have told you to take a lap every Saturday night all semester, but now for a small monthly fee, you can be living in their exclusive house. What. An. Honor.

However, before you give in, I have an offer that may be just what you’re looking for. Stumbling around at 3 am during fling, I came across a fine piece of real estate. It is located almost on the corner of 40th and Walnut, a great location; it’s close to the Cinemark, Hummus Grill, and literally in the backyard of campus’ finest grocer. This charming little studio is right next door to FroGro. It may look like just a cardboard box left behind from a shipment of tomatoes, but it is really so much more than that. It was a home to those tomatoes and now it could be a home for you this summer.

I am willing to sublet it for as low as $400 a month. Nothing near campus comes close! It comes with free access to the bathroom in the McDonalds across the street, AND you still get AirPennNet internet access that is only a little spotty. Despite all this, there isn’t even an extra utilities charge and you get all the furniture currently there now including an empty Dunkin Donuts cup someone threw in. Talk about a bargain!

Please let me know if you are interested by sending me a PRIVATE message on Facebook that I might ignore. Price is semi-negotiable. Thank me!

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