“NCH Is Like in the Middle of Nowhere” Says English Major with Four Fisher-Bennett Classes

“NCH? More like BFE,” joked College sophomore, Katie Wilcox. “But in all seriousness,” she told the Punch Bowl, “I genuinely feel bad for the poor freshmen whose Quad move-in requests weren’t granted.” Upon learning that NCH is not just a freshman dorm, and in fact, many upperclassmen elect to live there, Wilcox was shocked. She went onto ask (sincerely?) if NCH was close to Temple.

When asked about her living arrangements, she explained, “I live off-campus in the Simon, on 41st and Sansom.” She went on to explain that she didn’t choose the Simon just because it’s “lowkey luxurious, ha ha,” but she also appreciates that it is off the beaten path. “Sansom is just so random, ya know? But that comes at a price.” For clarification, Wilcox was not talking about the rent.

“Since the Simon is located outside the Penn bubble, it’s a little bit of a walk to my classes. Have you ever heard of Fisher-Bennett hall? It’s on 34th and Walnut. You might not know where it is if you’re not an English major like me, but it’s where four out of five of my classes are. It takes me 20 minutes to walk there—but it can’t possibly be as far as NCH, right?”

Wilcox’s fifth class is a 9 am in DRL.

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