Penn Partners with for Mail-In COVID Tests

Penn recently announced that it will partner with the popular genealogy and DNA testing company as a part of its plan to mail coronavirus test kits to each student returning to campus. 

Incoming Wharton Dean Erika James negotiated with executives to secure 50,000 free AncestryCOVID kits.

“That’s how business is done folks!” James said. “In other news, did you know that Ancestry’s World Explorer membership is just $29.95 per month for a limited time only?”

Freshman Allison Patel W’24 is one of just three students disappointed to discover that the test is salivary rather than a nasal swab.

“I wanted to see if part of my brain would come out of my nose if the swab went far enough,” she said. “Spitting into a tube is just so basic.”

Keith Jeffries C’21 mistook his Coronavirus test kit for a genealogical DNA test. He tested positive for the virus and looks forward to finding his “Corona cousins” once he’s released from two-week isolation.

“Dude, knowing that I’m part Coronan makes so much sense now,” he said. “That’s why I’m so good at beer pong- it’s literally in my genes.



**Wharton students receive test results within 48 hours. All other students should expect their results within 7-10 business days.


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