Why Online Classes are Just NOT IT

Truly something to think about.

  1. Who really wants to teach themselves when they’re not getting paid to?
  2. When it comes down to it, which video are you really gonna watch…molecular neurobiology or…#masturbationstation?
  3. Sleep? Do you do it or are you normal?
  4. There’s no chance for you to ask the kid sitting next to you what the fuck we’re supposed to be doing.
  5. You cant look at the paper of the kid next to you on exams, either.
  6. Who likes spending all their time with themself in their room? NOBODY.
  7. “My own pace” is just called “not doing shit”.
  8. Teachers don’t know what they’re doing. I swear, if I hear one more teacher apologize for not knowing how to work zoom…

So suck it up buttercup, cause guess what? If you don’t, you’re gonna fail. And there’s no nerdy kid sitting next to you to cheat off of this time.

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