How to Best Utilize Zoom’s Greatest Feature

Let’s face it, we all know there is one superior feature for Zoom meetings. The stop video button (to hide the three course snack you are eating during lecture), breakout rooms (so that you can sit there awkwardly with three peers and not talk for 90 seconds), and the unmute mic button (so your prof can accidentally hear your cellphone pings in class) are all pretty great features of the virtual classroom, but I’m not talking about these.

Hands down, the best zoom feature is… drumroll please… the chat box. Of course, its best feature is that you can accidentally send very private messages (making fun of the professor or griping about the lecture material) to everyone on the call. Also, you can’t see your messages once the zoom call is over, so like snapchat you’ll have to have a moment of introspection just to remember what in the world you were talking about if you ever talk to that person again. Even more advantageous, once you come back from a breakout room, your chat automatically resets to send to everyone (and who even knows if a chat to everyone in the breakout room goes out to the whole call or just the three people you have to do work with in that room). On the whole, these amazing features serve to make zoom an exciting and delightful experience.

Remember to watch out for the awesome functions of chat, and try to maintain some level of privacy in your 200 person live lecture.

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