Best Couples Costumes for Halloween 2020!

We came up with them so you don’t have to, the best couples costumes of the year! Guaranteed to win any costume contest held over zoom!

  • For the flirty, adventurous type: John B and Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks
    • Channel your inner rebellious teen, and go as these star-crossed lovers from the hit show of the year!
  • For the trendy gamer in you: Among us Crewmates
    • By dressing up as the game has taken the internet by storm, this simple and easy costume is easy to understand and relatable enough to make you seem “hip.”
  • For the Pre-Med in you: Coronavirus and a doctor
    • I mean, does this one really need an explanation? Also, you can’t get “cancelled” for being insensitive if Coronavirus cancels Halloween first!
  • For the more political couple: Mike Pence and a fly
    • For anyone that has ever said “I’d love to be a fly on the wall at….”, well now you can!
  • For the opposites-attract: Jason and Janet from The Good Place (or if single: Tahani Al-Jamil; the ICON)
    • These two iconic characters from the sitcom you would never expect to be together, the less than intelligent Floridian, and the all-knowing robot!
  • For the Penn-specific: Amy G and her stagnant salary
    • If you want to really turn some heads, this is the ONE for you! The news of Amy not taking a pay cut has shaken Penn and now you can too!
  • For the frustrated citizens: A lanternfly and a shoe
    • For the couple that needs to work out some issues, crush that bug!

If you’re single: Penn and fall break (since it doesn’t exist)


We know these are the best. Thank us later. Good luck and Happy Haunting!

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