Note Regarding Upcoming Holiday Travel From Penn

Dear Student,

As we enter the final weeks of the Fall semester, we know that many of you are eager to reconnect with families and loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are writing to offer recommendations and suggestions to help minimize any risk of COVID-19 curtailing your holiday plans:

Preparing to Travel

  • In light of the many travel restrictions and new lockdowns being announced, we recommend: Don’t
  • Literally just don’t.
  • If you are in isolation, stay where you are.
  • If you are in quarantine, stay where you are.


  • Why are you traveling? It’s just not safe at all!
  • We recommend that you avoid the following types of travel:
    • international travel
    • interstate travel
    • travel outside of Philadelphia
    • travel outside of your home
    • movement of any kind
  • International students should also consult our Guidelines for why you cannot sue us, Department of Student Screwing (DSS)

Reuniting with family and loved ones

  • Please be mindful of the current national crisis, and just don’t do this. 
  • Please just don’t. Please.

As we navigate the holiday season you should know that Penn has already canceled all holidays and breaks to ensure that you are as physically safe as possible. We as a community have also decided that physical health is far more important than mental health. Otherwise, Penn would be liable for countless potential issues. Penn has chosen the best course of action that allows us to maximize profits, and minimize our liability: locking you indoors forever. 

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to keep our Penn community, our families and friends, and our stakeholders’ wallets healthy and safe.

Stay well!

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