Wharton Student Reports Unidentified “Ghostly” Forces Impressively Completed His MGMT 230 Team Project

Benjamin Hastings (W’23) has reported the occurrence of a strange phenomena, in which his MGMT 230 team project was seemingly completed for him by a mystical and mysterious force. Hastings informed Punch Bowl reporters about the unorthodox completion of his project shortly after returning from a networking event at Huntsman Hall – at which point his phone had been flooded with texts from these unidentified saviors.

“I mean, I was sort of just expecting to grind out the project that night. That was, until I received a link to a shared Google Slides presentation that had impressively put together the presentation for me.” Hastings noted that this event was particularly peculiar, given the team project was worth the vast majority of his grade. Although spooked by these friendly, academic ghosts, Hastings reported an immense feeling of relief knowing that he could now spend the night aimlessly wandering Spruce St in search of the unlocked back door of a fraternity party.

At the time of writing, the project is in it’s “peer-review” state. Hastings tells reporters that he is currently in contact with several psychic mediums who he hopes will relay the following message to his supernatural team members: “I got you guys with 100% scores on participation if you got me.”

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