How to Maintain Mental Wellness in a Pandemic

We’re now one year into this pandemic nightmare. A whole year has gone by since celebrities serenaded us in an off-key (to put it lightly) version of Imagine. Twelve months since Vanessa Hudgens blessed us with her expert take on the subject. We’ve seen a full rotation around the Sun – which is ironic when it feels like our planet is the one on fire.

Pandemic fatigue is real. For many, mental health is plummeting. There are a lot of folks out there suffering. I for one can’t believe my therapist hasn’t blocked my number yet.

So, I have come up with some strategies to combat this pandemic fatigue. I hope this helps:

1. Watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. There’s something about British people stressing about the flakiness of their pastry interspersed with B-roll of literal lambs frolicking in fields that really boosts serotonin levels.

2. Seek out something calming to watch. I personally like watching British people bake things that I will never, ever bake myself. Perhaps, say, in a tent in a picturesque English countryside. Something like, say The Great British Baking Show.

3. Shut out the dumpster fire that is the outside world and channel your mental energy towards something that will bring you joy. How about checking out a Netflix series where contestants help their fellow competitors (time was running out and their éclair towers needed to be freestanding. It was all hands on deck!).

4. So maybe you can’t be in the same room as friends; how about you instead get wrapped up in the “mean judge, nice judge” schtick? How can you focus on your failing mental health when Paul and Prue are having a cheeky disagreement over the booziness level of a pina colada-inspired cake?

5. While it’s exciting that Spring is here (I think?), you might be missing the comfort of the holiday season. Might I suggest a holiday-themed program called The Great Baking British Show: Holidays.

6. I know what you’re thinking: “I get the idea. She’s just going to just find another way to suggest that I combat my mental health problems by watching the perfect television program that is The Great British Baking Show.” No! Not at all! I was going to suggest distracting yourself by finding a fun recipe to bake on your own.

7. Get frustrated at the thought of having to bake yourself. Ugh, all that clean up? Throw in the towel. Turn on Netflix. Find a series to watch others do the baking instead. With incredible UK accents. And I can’t stress this enough, B-roll of literal frolicking lambs.

Hope this helps!

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