Zoom Class Captivated by Show Reflected Off of Student’s Glasses

Steven Adams (W’24) is still recoiling from the events of yesterday as his blue light glasses finally managed to be his undoing. During his math lecture, Steven went about his usual routine of paying attention for ten minutes before flipping on Netflix and catching another episode of “Are You the One?” until he started to realize something odd.  As his eyes occasionally flicked up from his show he saw that his classmates were unusually focused on their screens. No one is ever focused on their screen during this lecture. Strange occurrences aside, the contestants were in their final pairing ceremony and he needed to focus on what matters. Who cares about the $70,000 zoom class that he was in when these random nobodies were about to win $1 million if they got this right. 

As the contestants chose their final partners, Steven got tunnel vision. No longer could he hear the mumblings of the professor or see his oddly focused classmates. All he could see was the beams of light being turned on to signify whether or not the contestants had found their perfect match. The music whipped into a frenzy then stopped right before the final light turned on leaving Steven in silence until he heard roaring applause.

The final light had turned on and his class was also furiously applauding the results of the show. His professor, normally stoic and stuck in his monotone voice was in tears and showing actual emotion. He was also somehow spotlighted on the Zoom call? Uh-oh…

Steven’s shock gave way to the realization as to what actually happened. The show had been reflected off of his glasses for everyone in the class to see during lecture. The students’ attention was directed at the lecture, but specifically at his screen to catch the finale of “Are You the One?” The professor noticed that his students were finally interested in something and decided to join in on the fun, even spotlighting Steven’s window. All Steven could say when asked for his advice on how to avoid this scenario from happening to anyone else was ”mic muted, camera off.”

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