Penn Students Opt For Safer Alternatives To Dining Halls

Penn opened their dining halls for in person dining three weeks ago. However, it looks like most Penn students aren’t taking advantage of these options. They feel unsafe eating indoors during a pandemic, and simply aren’t satisfied with the measures Penn has put in place to increase health security, such as socially distanced tables and mandatory twice per week COVID testing.

We at the Punch Bowl caught up with a few students to see where they’ve been eating.

“I just don’t feel safe going out to eat, so I’ve mostly been cooking for myself,” said Alex Hofferman (C’22). “Except on Saturdays. Saturdays are BYO at Banana Leaf days.”

“I’ve gone out to eat but only when they have outdoor dining,” said Sarah Goldman (W’23). “I’ve avoided the dining halls because I simply don’t feel safe eating in- oh sorry I gotta go. I’m meeting friends at West & Down. They’re finally open again!”

“Yeah, I’m way too paranoid about Covid right now to risk it for Commons pizza.” We received this quote via text from Brandon Smith (C’21) because there was too much background noise when we called from the Frat party he was at.

With the students taking this pandemic incredibly seriously, the responsibility falls to Penn’s Administration to plan an effective strategy to make students feel safer in their dining halls.

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