Penn Student Agencies Launching New Couch to Class Program

Penn Student Agencies (PSA), the beloved student run collection of businesses, has a long history of improving student life on campus. From the delicious brews at Wilcaf to the wonderful laundry service, PSA identifies and solves the needs of students on campus in real time.

The PSA CEO sat down with our Punch Bowl columnists to discuss their newest product: a revival of the comfort and minor laziness of classes in quarantine. According to PSA, students say that chairs in the Penn classrooms are uncomfortable and annoying, and they miss taking classes from their couch and bed. In the spirit of Pennovation, they designed a solution to this problem, the new PSA business: Couch to Class.

In this program, students can pay a small rental fee of $10 per hour or $50 for 24-hours to receive a couch on wheels. They reserve the couch, pick it up, and wheel it to whatever classes they have that day. Special parking space has been designated in the back of classrooms with dimmer lighting to best replicate the at-home experience. Blankets, pillows, adjustable cupholders to go over the arm, and hiring of a moving squad to help transport your couch are also available.

PSA has also addressed some concerns after launching the business, allowing students to share the rentals & split the cost via Venmo. They are also working with Penn administration to designate one of the large meeting rooms in Houston Hall as the Couch to Class Lounge. Additionally, they are also working on increased accessibility to rooms on campus. In the future, they are looking to expand the business by including reading chairs and beds. They also want to install designated couch highways on Locust to improve traffic between classes.

They hope this ingenious program will take off on campus and help improve the student experience. We know we’ll be renting the couches, how about you?

a dark brown couch on wheels sits in an empty beige room with dark wood floors.
A model couch for the new Couch to Class program.

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