Friday Special: Metallapella!

by Rish Chaudhuri

Every Friday, the Punch Bowl allows any member of its staff to submit a column for the website. For today, Rish Chaudhuri typed up an interesting flyer he picked up before break.

Come see Metallapella, Penn’s one and only heavy hardcore death and trash metal acapella group!

Please come see our Fall Show, “Death to All Who Pass These Dreaded Gates of Doom!”, and enjoy a night of gloomy, hard hitting, brutal………ACAPELLA!

We’ll be covering easy listening favorites such as “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For”, “Number Of The Beast”, and that all time classic “Wait and Bleed”.

Considering its Christmas time soon, we have put a special twist to the classic Christmas songs that I am sure that all of you will enjoy. These include:

Oh Christmas Beast
Silent Death
Hark the Minions of Doom

And that holiday favourite…..Jingle Hell!

Come support Metallapella, and have a wonderful evening. If you don’t, may you and your family rot in the fiery pits of Vallhalla! Thank you, and good night.

Start Time: Friday, December 13th, at midnight
Location: The Hall of No Souls (Also know as Huntsman Hall), Rm F665 (… 666 was reserved.)
Street: Walnut Street
City: Killadelphia, the City of Brotherly Doom

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