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This week we’re harkening back to Spring 1992, to look at a selection of TV shows on a channel in Japan.

On the Air This Week on the…
American Channel

Monday: ビバリー ヒリズ 九〇二一〇
[Beverly Hills, 90210] – Lazy, rich, spoiled American kids whine and bitch about their petty problems and hang out on the beach when they should be in class.

Tuesday: セサミ ストリート
[Sesamie Street] – Don’t let your children miss this opportunity to laugh at stupid American children as well as observe the inferior quality of their puppets and animation.

Wednesday: かんぱい
[Cheers] – Typical American businessmen sit at a bar and wallow in their ignorance and stupidity. Ha-ha!

Thursday: けっこんし …子供がりる
[Married… With Children] – The Bundy family is the most realistic portrayal of a typical American family on T.V. today. Watch it with your family and be thankful you are Japanese.

Friday: エリ エーロー
[Lazy American Law] – In this week’s episode, lazy American lawyers argue and argue as expected on how to best perform their roles as economic parasites of American society. As expected, the achieve little of actual value. They lose all their cases because they are so stupid and complacent.

Saturday: カンヂード カメラ
[Candid Camera] – Although the photography is brilliant, this variety show clearly exhibits the gullibility of Americans who fall for the most infantile practical jokes and corny sight gags.

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