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           I, the vaultmaster, am sometimes accused of reprinting only jokes from Punch Bowls printed over the last 40 years, despite our claim to have been founded over 100 years ago. I confess I am guilty of this- the reason being that while humor has basically remained unchanged since the 1960s, it’s a completely different story in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Old Punch Bowl’s rarely even have pieces, they’re just pages upon pages of knock-knock jokes. However, this week we have a 70 year old gem, a series of three letters first printed in March 26th, 1934. Enjoy.

Dear Parents:
           I am in the midst of examinations. I write for two hours steadily, and then dash over to my room to prepare for the next one coming up. I am working and slaving from early morning till late at night in order that you may be proud of me. I realize that you only want me to do the best I can, and that is what I am doing. The exams will be over soon. I am in great need of relaxation for my wrought-up mental condition. I wish you would send me some money to make me happy after such a trying week.
                       Your loving soon,

Dearest Peggy:
           I have missed you terribly since I have returned to the University. As I open a book to study, your beautiful face peers out at me from the page. You are constantly uppermost in my thoughts, and I curse the day I had to leave you. I never knew that I could miss anyone so much. My only relaxation is in attending the movie palaces. I have remained faithful to my promise of not dating other young women. I am doing my best in scholastic endeavor for I know that it means so much to you. I am counting the minutes until I see you again.
                       With deepest feelings,

Heigh-ho Pal:
           I am in the midst of exams now, and what a time I’m having! Haven’t cracked a book for any of them yet, and I’m hitting them right on the rose. I go to a two-hour test and I walk out finished in forty-five minutes. Out every night with Ruth. Boy, and she’s got class and clothes, and these and those. By the way, don’t mention Ruth’s name to Peggy or she will get sore at me. I am writing this letter to you while I am taking a history exam. It’s a snap. Well, pal, keep your nose clean.

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