Supreme Court Pulls Plug on Terry Schiavo Jokes: Deemed Unfunny

WASHINGTON- In a heart stopping decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled yesterday that jokes involving controversial vegetative statesman and quiet game champion Terry Schiavo have ceased to be humorous.
The argument started when Justice Scalia made a comment during a bench basketball game. The court is deemed to be the highest one in the land. Justice Scalia supposedly said something about Justice Kagan “dribbling” more than Terry Schiavo. He then looked around saying “What? What? Too fucked up?”
In a recent interview, Justice Thomas had this to say about the incident,
“Jokes poking fun at Ms. Schiavo are not funny, and people who make them deserve to be put out of their misery.”
The Judges decided to officially debate the issue, with the majority calling the jokes “evil” and “in bad taste.” They referred to them as “an attack on Ms. Schiavo’s memory.” Meanwhile, the defense of the dissenters consisted of “Come on!” “Seriously just come on!” and “Seriously, stop being a puss.”
The discussion lasted several hours with many of the justices visibly bored. Many sat there completely motionless, staring into space. Obviously, they lacked the will to go on.
In the end, they decided to just let the joke die.

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