Amish Country Jams!

America has had a proud history of country music. From the hills of Tennessee to the valleys of some other state, the sounds of the American country have always warmed our souls and made us proud to be a part of this great nation.

And now, for the first time ever, you can get your hands on a CD from the most authentic country folk out there….The Amish!

That’s right, the most popular all-Amish band in the country, The Shoofly Pie Brothers Band, have finally released their debut LP, ‘God Told Me To Build Sheds’, and it can be yours today!!

The Shoofly Pie Brothers Band have been touring the Pennsylvania Amish country for nearly a decade. Often referred to as ‘The Amish Beatles’, they’ve played at such prestigious venues as Paul’s barn, Jacob’s barn, and Eli’s barn!

But now, after discovering the existence of a world outside the Amish country thanks to a certain promotor’s morally questionable kidnapping, they’re ready to share their musical gift….WITH YOU!!!!!

The CD features such hits as the pop medley ‘My Barb, My Love, Rhubarb, My Drug’ and the sadly soulful ‘She Left Me For A Carpenter, No Not Jesus’. If you’re in a dancing mood, flip on ‘My Butter Babe, She Twists and Churns’ and get those dancing shoes ready* (full tracklist below).

And because CDs are so easy to record, produce, and distribute in the Amish Country, you can get your copy today for only 9 easy payments of $2,400! Wow! What a deal!

So grab the CD Pitchfork calls ‘Entry Not Found’ before it’s too late! Seriously, it’s almost 7:30, the witching hour!

“God Told Me to Build Sheds” by The Shoofly Pie Brothers Band:

1. My Barb, My Love, Rhubarb, My Drug

2. Amish Male, I’m Ishmael (Doo Wa Doo Wa Daddy-O)

3. Lay With Me, Our Parents Have Consented

4. She Left Me For A Carpenter, No Not Jesus

5. That Ol’ Lancaster Gal of Mine (Her Face so Pale, Her Pie So Fine)

6. My Butter Babe, She Twists and Churns

7. I’ll Be a Man Tonight, I’ll Be A Mennonite

8. The Lord Calls Me Joseph, But You Can Call Me Joe

9. I’ll Shed A Tear, Then Build A Shed, For You

10. [Bonus Track] To Laura, My Sweet Sister: I Need You To Tell Pop That A Man Has Kidnapped Us And Is Forcing Us to Make Albums For Him. We’re Very Afraid But We Know That The Lord Will Help Us. God Bless.

*Authentic Amish dancing shoes can be purchased for an additional $222.95.

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