Dear Jim,

I just wanted to remind you to prepare the deck for the Owings account by Friday. It’s imperative that we really leverage our assets to produce a high-quality deliverable for Mr. Owings. To bootstrap this project, we’re going to need to drill down into each of the buckets that we have set up. Currently, we’re all set in the consumer and commercial gourmet cheese space, but we’re not yet at that same granular level within our puppy-mill and miniature toy boat lines of business.

Jim, I’m going to be really frank with you. If we don’t get the puppy-mill people to drink the Kool-Aid, we’re going to be really spinning our wheels when we try to ramp up the dachshund campaign in the 4th quarter. Legal would have a field day. At the end of the day, grabbing the low-hanging fruit will only take us so far. Remember that we’re trying to sunset our entire line of poodles by end of year 2011.

Going forward, I want you to try to get face time with Mitch Yooney and Corporate. When you do that, do your due diligence and flesh out some metrics that you can bring back to the table for our Thursday conference call with Dave Mortensen and the Grundlecorp people. To hedge our bets, connect with the various vendors involved and see if you can glean some of the best practices.

We don’t have time to argue about this, Jim. If you have questions, let’s take this offline. It’s mission critical that we begin this immediately, because we’re really boiling the ocean right now by trying to tackle this on an ad hoc basis. Let me know if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,
A. T. Piskai
Executive Vice President, Puppy Poaching & Maintenance Department
Cheesedog Toys and Stepladders, Inc.

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