27 Things That You Inhale on the Daily

Now that the chilly temperatures have forced us inhabitants of West Philadelphia to don our cold weather gear, the omnipresent steam rising from the sidewalk subway grates bas become a little more noticeable. This inclined us sciencey folk here at Punch Bowl, led by mad scientist Meg Harding, to conduct a study in our Laboratory (yes, it’s real) of exactly what comprises this winter hallmark of Philadelphia living:

  1. Urine
  2. The liquid at the top of yogurt
  3. Hepatitis A
  4. Hepatitis B
  5. Kryptonite
  6. Rabies
  7. Mosquito venom
  8. Cucumber-Melon body butter
  9. Uranium 235
  10. Beard sweat
  11. Hot garbage
  12. Popcorn butter
  13. Orange Gatorade
  14. Antifreeze
  15. Cheesesteak grease
  16. Methadone
  17. Toe fungus
  18. Tupac’s blood (he ain’t dead)
  19. Liquid nitrogen
  20. The tears of the homeless
  21. Hepatitis C
  22. Varicella
  23. The lingering essence of Will Smith
  24. Carbon monoxide
  25. Cocktail sauce
  26. Drain cleaner
  27. Arsenic

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