BREAKING NEWS: Kim Jung Un Revealed to be a Giant Cat In Disguise

SEOUL – In a stunning discovery this week by eagle-eyed reporter Clipper Fishman, Kim Jung Un has been revealed to be an enormous cat wearing an elaborate human disguise.

“This really explains a lot about North Korea’s recent foreign policy decisions,” President Obama was quoted as saying.  “We have a much better idea of how to move forward now that we know the Outstanding Leader’s true species.”

The international community has been stunned by this amazing revelation.

“I don’t know how I never noticed it before,” said one bewildered member of Parliament, “but the disguise was really very convincing.”

Several enterprising investigators have begun to search past photos of Kim for previous hints of his true identity, with varying degrees of success.  The Punch Bowl has gathered some photos from the archive that show hints of the controversial dictator’s feline roots.
kim1Kim Jong-unkim3

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