Bravo’s Sexy New Shows!

Bravo has a whole slate of new shows ready for the summer. Check out the finest programming the network has to offer!

Model Moms 
-Watch five models try to do the impossible—work a job and raise a child at the same time! Whether they’re walking the runway or walking a stroller, whether they’re changing wardrobe or changing diapers, these moms are lookin’ good and cookin’ good!

Young Maids
-This fun new series follows five New York women who are single and young—40 years young! These independent ladies are out to show the world they don’t need a man, unless he’s good looking and wealthy.

Tammy Takes Toledo
-Breakout star Tammy Fuentes of Bravo’s Most Eligible Sheboygan navigates the lively Toledo social scene with her sassy, unpredictable friends. She’s out to meet the perfect Midwesterner while making a name for herself in the dynamic Ohio fashion industry, but Tammy quickly finds that Toledo might be more hectic than she expected.

The Foxy Foxes
-This docu-series follows former professional basketball player turned actor Rick Fox and his journey to expand his fortune through shameless self-promotion. Along with his son Rick Jr. and his sassy new girlfriend Heidi Montag, Rick’s ready to show the world that he’s sly…like a Fox.

Slummin’ It!
-Watch five real women struggle with real world problems as they move from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn and work 35-hour weeks at art galleries.

For Closure
-Four wisecracking, promiscuous, hot-tempered siblings learn to cope with the sudden death of their mother by helping local real estate companies foreclose on houses. They’ll be learning about the real estate business, themselves, and mortality in…For Closure.

The Millionaire Jobfinder
-When millionaires are having trouble finding jobs, they call Tori Zeigler, the Millionaire Jobfinder. With her no-nonsense attitude and willingness to say anything, Tori’s going to make sure America’s millionaires are taken care of.

Salt-N-Pepa Spice It Up!
-Grammy Award-winning hip hop artists Cheryl James (“Salt”) and Sandra Denton (“Pepa”) try to add a little “spice” to their lives by coaching 10 aspiring musicians. When they’re not dishing out “sage” advice, they’ll be trying to “curry” favor with LA’s most “saucy” bachelors to get some “sugar” (sex).

The Actual Housewives of Long Island
-This scandalous new series follows the lives of 5 sassy housewives in Long Island: Hannah Brennan, a Catholic mother grappling with her faith; Gabriella Vasquez, whose marriage is falling apart after 15 years; Tina Giordano, who worries that her brother may never kick his cocaine habit; Chun Hei Seok, a widow working two jobs to put her only son through college; and Teresa Gotti, a sexy socialite with dreams of becoming a pop singer!

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