Oscar voters write in Frozen to win Best Picture

In an unprecedented turn of events, Oscar voters wrote in Frozen to give it the Best Picture win.

Unsatisfied with this groundbreaking Disney movie being nominated for just Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song, voters decided to use their power to get a win for what was clearly everyone’s favorite movie this year.

This marks the first time an animated film has won Best Picture, and the first time a movie that was not nominated won the award.

Oscar voter Alex Jones said, “The nine nominated pictures were very well done, but this has been a long winter, and we just wanted a feel-good movie to win. It’s hard to feel optimistic after watching really any of the Best Picture nominees.”

Voters hoped that if Frozen won, winter would finally come to an end.

Jones elaborated, “Maybe if Elsa won, she would finally take pity on us and end this eternal winter.”

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