ARCH MADNESS: Round 1 Results

Your votes are in for Arch Madness Round 1, here are the results!

Archbishop of Rome vs. Archgoat (metal band)- WINNER: Archbishop of Rome

Archimedes vs. Literary archetypes- WINNER: Archimedes

Archie Comics vs. archery- WINNER: Archery

Galapagos Archipelago vs. Arc de Triomphe- WINNER: Galapagos Archipelago

Ted Mosby, architect vs. Archie Thompson (soccer player)- WINNER: Ted Mosby, Architect

Joan of Arc vs. Archie Griffin (football player)- WINNER: Joan of Arc

Archaeology vs. Archie Manning (football player)- WINNER: Archaeology

Gateway Arch (St. Louis) vs. Archaebacteria- WINNER: Gateway Arch

Archduke Franz Ferdinand vs. Arches of the feet- WINNER: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Arch of Titus (Rome) vs. Archibald prize (Australian portraiture prize)- WINNER: Arch of Titus

Penn ARCH building vs. Archie Miller (Dayton coach)- WINNER: ARCH building

Your personal archnemesis vs. Bismarck Archipelago- WINNER: Your personal archnemesis


Stay tuned for Round 2: Sweet Sixteen, and make sure to vote on our Facebook page!

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