Penn Students Begin Protesting Fling Artists

As Spring Fling approaches, many student groups have began to speak out against this year’s fling performers. Penn Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) found itself in a similar position last Spring Fling when students protested the choice of Tyga.

While students were solely opposed to the misogynistic lyrics of Tyga last year, they have voiced concern about aspects of all three artists.  Signs have sprouted up around campus condemning qualities of the artists, such as Magic Man’s obscurities, Ra Ra Riot’s shaggy hair, and David Guetta’s beats.

Signs have been spotted around campus saying, “Ra Ra Riot, these people don’t even get haircuts.  Is that your ideal fling?” and  “Boom boom da da da dun yeah yeah beats yeah: David Guetta: Do you really want him to perform at fling?”

It is expected that Penn students will continue to complain until the Fling concert, however it has been confirmed that no one will actually remember the concert itself.



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