Punchbowl’s Top Eight Grammy Moments 2015

This year’s Grammys was one to remember! Take a look back with The Punchbowl’s Top Eight Moments from the Grammys!


Usher and Stevie Wonder

When Usher showed Stevie the finer points of fellatio but forgot that Stevie isn’t much of a visual learner. Other performers were not too enthusiastic about using Usher’s microphone during the remainder of the show.


Paul McCartney Is Excited

When Paul McCartney cheered for the Cialis commercial break. “I’m feeling it already!” he triumphantly screamed.


Obama Telecast
When Barack Obama inspired millions by using the Migos flow in his PSA on domestic abuse. One audience member described the moment as “straight up flame emojis”.


Pharrell Williams and Helen Sasichach

When model Helen Lasichanh was super pissed that spouse Pharrell was too busy buying hats to tell her that the Grammys were today. She was driving a race car ten minutes prior to showtime.


Taylor Praising Satan

When Taylor and her fellow Protectors of the Bloodstone performed their ritual rain dance to ensure a plentiful harvest. After the show, Taylor was optimistic that the gods will receive and grant their prayers.


Kanye eating Kim Alive

When Kanye got mad and tried to prove that his sex tape would be better than Ray-J’s. Event staff shortly after split him up from wife Kim Kardashian before things got graphic. This upset Kanye, and he later was reported to be in the bathroom for much of the show, quietly rapping Stronger to himself in a bathroom stall.


Beck Solves CSI Case

When Beck solved a crime on CSI.


Ed Sheeran and Jay-Z Did Their Classic Illuminati Handshake

“In the middle…too slow!” says Jay-Z as he shows Ed Sheeran the traditions of the Illuminati.

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