Can You Tell the Difference Between Quotes From the Daily Pennsylvanian and Tweets From Jaden Smith?

While the Pennsylvania Punch Bowl is primarily intended to be a devastatingly witty outlet for some of the greatest minds Penn has to offer, we also like to challenge our audience. To that end, we’ve dived into the philosophical musings of Jaden Smith’s Twitter account, and scoured the Daily Pennsylvanian’s online archives.

Can you, dear reader, tell them apart? Answers for each question are at the bottom.


1. Not All Gifted People Fit the Profile.

2. Everybody Needs To Get Turnt Every Once In A While.

3. Don’t Follow, Just Listen. And Then Make Your Own Path.

4. We Are In A System Which Has Become Too Much About Comfort And Safety.

5. Once You Witness A Cycle Enough Times You Step Out Of It.

6. Our Generation Is Shockproof, Except When It Comes To Ideas.

7. The Head Of The Sphinx Will Fall Off In The Near Future.

8. We Need To Stop Teaching The Youth About The Past And Encourage Them To Change The Future.

9. How Do We Explain Empathy? 

10. People Don’t Even Seem to Know Why They Believe What They Do.

Grading Scale 

8-10 correct: Pursuit of Happyness Jaden

5-7 correct: Karate Kid Jaden

3-4 correct: The Day the Earth Stood Still Jaden

0-2 correct: After Earth Jaden


Jaden Smith tweets are: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8.

DP quotes are 1, 4, 6, 9, 10.

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