A Cover Letter

It’s a tough job market out there, and even James Caleb Jackson, the 1863 inventor of the very first breakfast cereal “Granula,” is having a difficult time finding a summer internship. Though he’s an inventor by trade, he’s looking to try his hand at brand management. Below is his cover letter for an internship with General Mills. 

James Caleb Jackson

Manlius, Onondaga County, New York


Dear Internship Coordinator with General Mills,

I’m writing this letter as part of my application for the brand management internship with General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota this upcoming summer. I was recently made aware of this position by way of the General Mills website. I was thrilled to find such an exciting opportunity in the field of brand management, and considering that I literally invented cereal in 1863, I am certain that this job would be an excellent fit. I’m interested in further adapting my own crunchy mix of dried oats to fit the 2015 consumer, as well as learning to become a valued member of the General Mills team. Although I have committed the bulk of my professional life to date inventing the primary product that your multi-million dollar company sells, essentially building this entire industry from the ground up, I’m eager to make connections as an intern in the important field of brand management. I’m excited to learn about brand development from the best!

Given that in the 19th century alone I worked as a farmer, abolitionist, journalist, nutritionist and inventor, I have been fortunate enough to immerse myself across a wide variety of industries and have gained valuable experience working in a number of different positions. Before working as a farmer, I attended Chittenango Polytechnic Institute, where I graduated in 1830. I have a wide variety of skills relevant to this position, including experience using an abacus, plowing, fence building, rudimentary animal husbandry, and barley shocking. I achieved national acclaim for the first known dried whole-wheat breakfast cereal called “Granula,” which effectively inspired the entire cereal industry, bringing about hundreds of spin-offs including several General Mills brands, including Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and many others. In fact, I’ve often heard that cereal consumers of all ages think of me, and me alone, as they guzzle down each crunchy, nutritious bite of cereal.

In addition to being the grand magistrate of cereal the world over, I am a punctual, creative, self-starting, and intensely motivated person with experience working both independently as well as on teams. Moreover, I’m deeply committed to the high standard of services that General Mills provides throughout the world. I truly believe that I would be able to utilize the innovative and entrepreneurial environment at this company to further develop and test my existing skills as an engaged and passionate brand management intern in the Cereal department.

I’m eager to learn more about this summer opportunity, and I appreciate any time and consideration you can extend to my application.


James Caleb Jackson

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