Spring Break Is Like So Ruined Now That Becky and Mike Are Taking a Break

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Although the story is still developing, it has been confirmed that Wharton Senior Becky Bridges and College Senior Mike McCaskill are “taking a break” despite their upcoming spring break plans. The two were set to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a group of fourteen others from Mike’s fraternity and Becky’s sorority.

The trip was planned in October, when Becky and Mike’s relationship seemed to defy the expectations of their friends and social norms. Once described as, “a modern day Romeo and Juliet fueled by Snapchat and Banker’s Club vodka,” Becky and Mike began to question their relationship a few weeks before the big trip. “I totally know that Mike got coffee with that junior from his sociology recitation,” says Becky. When similarly asked about the status of his relationship, Mike rolled his eyes and said, “I dunno, man. She’s just been really clingy and annoying.” Although Becky and Mike independently voiced relationship concerns with their friends, each was met with a resounding, “You can’t break up! What about spring break?”

It has been confirmed that when Mike brought up the trip to his friends for the second time, one of them consolingly said, “Bruh, no need to worry. I’m sure that villa we rented is huge. You probably won’t even have to see her that often.”

Although sources say that Mike sent Becky a text message saying, “Yo, we should probably talk before the trip,”  it has not been made clear which of Becky’s friends Mike will hook up with.


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