BREAKING: Local Man Sued By Marvin Gaye’s Family For Singing in the Shower

The Gaye family is not one to stay out of the news for long! On the heels of their win in the multimillion dollar legal battle with Robin Thicke, the Gayes are launching their next offensive against local man and self-confessed shower singer Robert Joy.

“If you thought Blurred Lines was an egregious form of plagiarism, hold on your hats,” says prosecuting lawyer Vanessa Kline. She notes that both Joy’s impassioned shower performance and the late Gaye’s hit Heard It Through The Grapevine share some extremely unique qualities. “Now we’re not asserting it’s a direct copy, but his use of notes and the human voice definitely was strongly influenced by Mr. Gaye’s song”.

Joy recently has taken to the New York Times to defend his case. The 25 year old claimed in the article that the case is “ridiculous” and that he “was singing Billy Joel’s Piano Man”. Although his claims are dubious, some notable figures have come to Joy’s support. The most vocal of these supporters is televangelist and human rice cake Pat Robertson, who has told 700 Club viewers on multiple occasions that he “hates the gays”.

We here at the Punchbowl are conflicted about the similarities between the two songs. What do you think? Click here to hear Joy’s performance and tell us in the comment section your thoughts!

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