The Punch Bowl’s Official GOP Debate Drinking Game:


Punch Bowl Freshman Celine Cumming, Scott Rubenstein, and Joe Pires took the liberty of helping you reconsider liberty in a new state-of-mind with the Official GOP Debate Drinking Game. Enjoy!

Take a sip of beer every time:

  • Donald Trump says the word, “CHINA!”
  • Donald Trump says the word. “Mexico”
  • Ted Cruz criticizes Obama
  • Someone says “Planned Parenthood”
  • Rand Paul talks about getting the government out of our lives
  • Someone refers to Trump being a buffoon
  • Someone attacks Hillary Clinton for anything
  • Someone refers to “coming from nothing”
  • Someone invokes Ronald Reagan
  • Someone thanks the moderators just for being called on
  • Chris Christie talks about 9/11
  • Rand Paul says something along the lines of, “Just watch the terrorists, not the innocent guys!”
  • Anytime someone references Fiorina’s time at HP
  • Someone asks why Ben Carson doesn’t talk about the fact he’s black more
  • Carly Fiorina mentions being a woman
  • Marco Rubio says something in Spanish
  • Anyone mentions Obamacare
  • Someone compares Jeb Bush to his brother
  • Rand Paul rolls his eyes


Take a shot every time:

  • Someone calls Bernie Sanders a socialist
  • Carly Fiorina mentions how she had to fight to get into this debate
  • Anyone mentions Benghazi or E-mail servers
  • Trump claims that Dana Bash is on her period
  • Anyone mentions a goddamn wall
  • Trump emasculates Rand Paul
  • Anyone counts how many black friends they have on their fingers
  • Anyone says they stand with Kim Davis
  • (Double shot if Cruz)
  • (2 shots of Tequila if Huckabee)
  • Anyone uses the Bible as an authority on any subject (Double shot if it’s abortion)
  • (Triple shot if same-sex marriage)
  • Carly fiorina makes a joke about Trump’s face
  • (Double shot if Carly fiorina makes joke about her own face)
  • Trump attacks a woman over her looks
  • Scott Walker mentions the word “union”
  • Someone makes a joke about Rubio hitting a kid in the head with a football
  • Jeb Bush tries to say something in Spanish

Shot of Jager anytime:

  • Anyone pronounces a world leader’s name incorrectly
  • Anytime someone says, “Anchor babies”, “I’m not a scientist”, “Thug” or “Some of my best
  • friends are [insert minority]”
  • Donald Trump’s hair piece is blown off kilter
  • John Kasich actually says something important that makes himself memorable as a candidate
  • Christie talks about getting shit done in a blue state
  • Trump bashes being politically correct
  • Trump compares moderators to Megyn Kelly


Do a line anytime:

  • Trump references his time at Wharton
  • Donald Trump impersonates an Asian
  • Trump says Perry quit like a girl


Drink entire bottle of Everclear if:

  • Ben Carson actually raises his voice at anyone
  • Anyone mentions a Democratic candidate other than Clinton or Sanders

Surgeon General’s Warning: This drinking game will lead to liver damage, agreeing with Trump’s immigration platform, a crush on Jeb Bush, and/or certain death.

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