Gary Johnson Books Family Vacation to Aleppo

In recent days, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has been slammed for an embarrassing moment in an interview where he had no clue what the Syrian city of Aleppo was. Determined not to repeat his embarrassment over a lack of knowledge about Aleppo, he has spent the last few days reading up on the Syrian city and what exactly it was.

Well, Gary Johnson won’t be asking what Aleppo is anymore! After a long night of research, the Johnson family has booked a family vacation to Aleppo as soon as the election is over.

“There were a lot of factors that went into Governor Johnson’s decision to go on vacation to Aleppo,” stated a Johnson campaign spokesperson. “For one, he’ll need to relax for a little while after the election, but he’s also very excited to visit Aleepo, the city he knows so well and has always wanted to visit.” The spokesperson declined to comment when asked why Governor Johnson’s always wanted to visit Aleppo.

In interviews following his embarrassing moment, Governor Johnson claimed that he accidentally mixed up Alleppoo with an acronym for some international organization he wasn’t aware of, or some other term. All the while, though he holds that he is acutely aware of the crisis in Allipo and Syria at large. However, unconfirmed reports state that, while booking the vacation, Johnson and his wife argued for several hours while he desperately tried to find Alepo on a road map of the United States.

Governor Johnson’s plans to visit Aleepu have sparked fears among many that he is putting his family and himself in danger of extreme harm. We reached out to Gary Johnson himself about these concerns, to see what he thought about the danger of visiting the war-torn city.

“I don’t think Ahleppoh will be dangerous for me or my family at all, that is as long as the United States doesn’t try it’s usual garbage with regime change while we’re there.” At this point in the interview, our interviewer sneezed and was indisposed of for a few seconds. However, when they focused again on what Governor Johnson was saying he was talking about the Constitution, and didn’t mention Aleppo for the rest of the interview.

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