QUIZ: Are you a Westworld Host?

QUIZ: Are You a Westworld Host? Sum up your answers and find out!

Do you know where you are?
(1)    I’m in a dream.
(2)    I think I’m at a desert where you have sex with robots, right? Why are you being so weird right now? I’m paying a lot of money for this.

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?
(1)    No.
(2)    I tripped acid at Burning Man once and things got kind of wild – I talked to cactus about Marxism. Does that count?

Are you real?
(1)    If you can’t tell, does it matter?
(2)    Wooaaaaaaah.  That was a good answer.  Can I use her answer?

Would you ever hurt someone?
(1)    Why, I don’t think I ever could.  These violent delights have violent ends.
(2)    Everyone here isn’t real right? So they don’t count as people? I mean a human I wouldn’t want to hurt, but aliens, that’s different.

What do you think of this world?
(1)    Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray.  I choose to see the beauty.
(2)    After the first time I came here, I gave it a four out of five stars on yelp, but that’s just because a horse peed on my shoe when I went to pick up Dolores’s can.  But now that I killed forty-five people in a blind rage at the town saloon and then spent some time with Clemenine… That’s five stars.

What do you aspire to?
(1)    I want to find the man who goes by Wyatt.
(2)    I mean, definitely some more robo-sex

6-7:  Congratulations!  You’re the hostess with the mostest!  Better cut yourself open to be absolutely sure!
8-9: You are Bernard.
10-12: Boo hoo.  You’re a boring-old person – the maze isn’t meant for you. At least you’ll never have to grapple with the paradox of consciousness, and can continue binge watching without guilt.


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