Millions of Americans Deflated After Patriots Victory

Following their defeat of the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, the New England Patriots celebrated their fifth Super Bowl victory since 2000, leaving millions of watchers across the nation feeling deflated.

“Everything was going so well,” reported Falcons supporter Ted McVeigh. “We were up 19 points going into the fourth quarter—I was so pumped up. But then, when all of the pressure was off, the Patriots started to come back. By the end of the fourth, I was all out of breath.”

Added McVeigh, “That last drive in overtime really took the wind out of my sails.”

Despite not following the Falcons during the regular season, many felt that an Atlanta win would have been a blast of fresh air, as the team’s history is void of Super Bowl victories. “Man, doesn’t Tom Brady have enough Super Bowl rings?” asked Philadelphia native Anette Morris. “Gosh, this really blows.”

Those opposing the Patriots had few excuses for the Falcons’ loss; in spite of lower-than-normal air pressure, the weather remained calm throughout the game. Still, it’s hard not to feel sorry for those Falcons fans who watched as their team was flattened in the end.

All they can do now is look for a way to let out some hot air.

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