What We Sacrificed for the Cubs to Win

It’s hard to remember when things were normal – when there was some sense of order in the universe. Hillary Clinton was going to win, the world seemed stable, and all was good. That all began to change, however, when the Chicago Cubs made it into the World Series. Suddenly, things didn’t seem stable anymore, but that was okay. The Cubs hadn’t won the World Series in 108 years, and they hadn’t even made it into the Series in over 70 – they deserved it after all this time! We all stared on in hope, believing that finally the curse could be broken for the Cubs and all would truly be well with the world.

But the fight for the Cubs was anything but easy, and there were many times where it seemed like they wouldn’t make it. So we prayed, we prayed to whatever God we worshipped that the Cubs could finally get what was theirs and win the World Series.

And they did! They won! All our prayers helped!

But I’m going to say something that I never thought I’d say: it wasn’t worth it. When we prayed for a late-game comeback for the Cubs, we didn’t read the fine print of the agreement. It turns out, this year would be filled with late-game comebacks that would dash our sense of what was right with the world.

The first was Hillary Clinton. She had to win, she had to right? It was inevitable, Trump couldn’t possibly win. Until Election night we all believed that, until Trump’s late game comeback shattered our hopes and dreams. All because we just needed the cubs to win.

Then there was the Superbowl. Finally the mighty Patriots would be beaten by somebody other than the Giants. Karma would come around for Tom Brady and deflate his ego. The Falcons had it, they were crushing the Patriots; but it was not to be. Lo and behold, another comeback, and evil triumphed over the Falcons, who had victory so close. All because we just needed the Cubs to win.

And then we got the Oscars. Yes both La La Land and Moonlight were great, and I would’ve been happy with either winning. But instead, I got both. Which, as it turns out, means I really didn’t get either. La La Land had won, and I was okay with that. But noooooooooooooooo, things just couldn’t go normally. Steve Harvey’s curse struck, and once again the peace of mind that would come with an answer was just torn away. Both movies lost, and the Oscars betrayed us. All because we just needed the Cubs to win.

On that night in October everything seemed so simple. The Cubs won, and I could sleep in peace. But because of that one victory, I haven’t been able to sleep in peace since. We sacrificed too much for the Cubs to win. If only I knew then how much we’d suffer because the Cubs just had to win, I’d have easily waited another 108 years.

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