Mart Madness – Round I Recap, Round II Preview

32 Marts entered, and only 16 remain. VOTE IN THE SWEET 16 HERE

ROUND 1 Strongest Performance: Martin Shkreli might need to write himself a prescription for some painkillers after Martin Scorsese dominated him in the first round. Amassing TEN TIMES as many votes as the ‘pharma bro’, Scorsese is heating up at just the right time. Looking forward to what this Good Fella can do moving forward.

ROUND 1 Underdog Victory: Martha Stewart showed George R.R. Martin how well she can handle pressure (cooker), as she rolls into the next round.

ROUND 2 Upset Alert: Look for Martha Stewart to continue her run as she roasts Martha’s Vineyard. Also, look for Marty McFly send Martyrdom Back to The Locker Room after a strong performance against President Martin Van Buren.

ROUND 2 Gimme: Expect Smarty Pants to be no match for the wrath of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists.

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