The Real Reason Frontera is so Slow

Here at The Punchbowl we love SABSing and all things tangentially related to Mexico. So, naturally, you must be thinking WOW I bet you guys really like chipotle!

Well, the truth is we like Qdoba better. But the other truth is that we like Frontera best. A special spot where your taste buds can ride high and your patience can run low as Rick Bayless’ hand picked chefs Panini press your sandwich and call it something Spanish. The only place on campus where you can get a “Mexican Coke” known everywhere else in the world as a “small coke in a glass bottle.” This fine cuisine is a treat for all who respect the culinary art or just are a cult follower of the genius of Rick Bayless himself.

Believe it or not, The Punchbowl got the inside scoop on the Ins and Outs and the Dos and Don’ts of Frontera from the man/myth/legend/accomplished chef/father of my unborn child Rick Bayless himself. Here are some important things we learned.

  • Rick doesn’t like the nickname Rich

In fact, he had this to say about it: “No, you can’t call me that.”

  • Rick also doesn’t like the nickname Dick

Rick also had some fun commentary on this cute pet name. He said, “stop bothering me or I will end this interview.”

  • Rick also doesn’t think a “Bay-more” joke would be funny in this article

I told him that was silly because there’s no other joke that could bay-more funny.

  • Frontera is slow because “you can’t rush perfection you tasteless ingrate”

His manners really aren’t the best for such a top chef. I think he was going for a Gordon Ramsey kind of vibe and honestly he killed it. He was so funny acting all mad at me for forcing him to accept an interview with me and pretending to be mad when I asked if his wife was hot.

  • Cubana being the best sandwich on the menu is not a subtle way of supporting Communism

For realsies. I made sure to ask twice.

  • Make sure to ask for the secret menu item Tortarrito

It’s a torta but it’s also wrapped in a burrito and then stuffed in a quesadilla and supported by two pepito tortas on top of a shrimp mojo bowl all surrounded by guac and habanero salsa and thin dipped in the sweat of Rick himself.

Look out for us outside Frontera! But not inside because Rick told me to never come back!

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