Cory Booker Takes a Stand

Last week the Junior Senator from New Jersey, and noted Barack Obama hopeful, took center stage at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanagh.

For background, here are some facts: Kavanagh is Trump’s nominee to fill the high court seat being vacated Justice Kennedy. Judge Kavanagh is anti-abortion. He probably might maybe vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. He is a decent family man conservative, beloved by all his loved ones. And he just happens to have a strict traditionalist view of the law, whereby without intimating any positions, he clearly does not see constitutional protections or freedoms for people who are not white heterosexual men. He also supports pretty much unchecked presidential power. Finally, he is totally qualified and will be confirmed.

So lets turn now to the brilliant questioning and senatorial excellence of the Hon. Cory “Booker for America 2020” Booker. Some documents or emails or something of Kavanagh when he was a Bush administration lawyer showed that he believed what he believes about what he believes and for some reason they were marked confidential and for senator’s eyes only. Seeing the grave injustice being committed, the fraud being perpetrated against the American people, Booker acted in defiance of the Senate rules and released the confidential information.

Thanks to Booker’s actions the American people now know that Kavanagh is a conservative. Booker clearly foiled the Republicans in their cover-up attempts.

This has been described as an act of civil disobedience, as Booker’s Spartacus moment.

People other than Senator Booker have said: who cares, we are already ardent supporters of the even greater Junior Senator Kirsten “Christian? Kirstjen? Ya know Gilibrand” Gillibrand (the distinguished meh-Hillary from New York who voted against confirming Jim Mattis for Defense Secretary because he had served in the military – seriously look it up)


Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate. (Quote Sen. John Cornyn) On the flip side, once you’re president, there are no rules. (Quote Judge Brett Kavanagh)

One bowl. Mixed bowl. Spicy bowl. Punch Bowl.

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