So, You Went Abroad. What Now?

I know what you’re going through. Readjusting to campus life is difficult when you can no longer spam your social media stories with envy-inducing Boomerangs. Your real life can, by comparison, be a total snooze-fest, but you don’t want your friends to know that! The question on all of our post-abroad minds right now is “how can I make people jealous of me now that I’m back?”

Not to worry! We have your solution right here! 

Let all of your friends know that you had the time of your life without them and are now both better and more cultured than they are by following these simple tips:

1. Ask a friend what the temperature is, then act shocked and laugh.
         “Wow, I almost forgot how Fahrenheit works. What’s that in Celsius?”

2. For your first semester back on campus, only post throwback pics of your time abroad.
         Acceptable captions include:
         “Miss this place so much!”
         “Rather be in my second home!”
         *Bonus points if you tag pictures with a bunch of friends you made while abroad that literally none of your other friends know*

  1. Set your phone to 24-hour time instead of 12.
             “Wait, did you want to meet at 6am or pm? Ohhh, so you meant 18:00?”
  2. Interject at least 3 times in any conversation with the phrase, “Oh my gosh, so that reminds me, this one time when I was abroad…”
             Your friends will love this. It makes them feel relatable to your higher essence of being.
  3. Wear a beret.
             …c’mon man…

Congrats! You’re officially that asshole who went abroad! It’s okay though, because I’m one too! Let’s hang out soon and try to one-up each other by listing the places that we traveled to and insisting that the charming little bistro in Paris one of us ate at was SOOO much better than the bistro the other one of us tried.**


**Oh my gosh, did you say you’re visiting Paris? Oh, you simply must go to this one place! Okay, get ready to write this name down….it’s called the Louvre. That’s L-O-U-V-R-E. All the cool locals know it. Definitely check it out and thank me later for such an insider’s tip!

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