34th Street Magazine Merges with Penn Crushes, Rebrands as Penn’s Collaborative Diary

34th Street, Penn’s premiere campus arts and culture magazine, is known for its hard-hitting journalism on new Netflix releases and where to get the best açaí bowl in University City. Starting off as an extension of The Daily Pennsylvanian, the magazine has come a long way to maintain its status as the Great Value Buzzfeed on campus. While producing clickbait on the power of meditation  may not seem so difficult, Street has been frantically scouring for new content.

Penn Crushes, a Facebook page for students who wish to anonymously proclaim their puppy love for potential booty calls, is a campus staple for thirst traps. 34th Street holds a similar duty, as the magazine has come to host countless long-form op-eds on how to find love love in between two continents, through freshman hallcest, or even an ocean away.

Why would an arts and culture magazine ever have to critically examine arts and culture when they could consistently churn out articles for ad revenue? For this reason, the magazine has announced their official merger with Penn Crushes. In this way, 34th Street has gone back to their roots. Only in the past year and a half did the magazine phase out their beloved section, Round Up, a campus gossip column whose main function was broadcasting which SDT sorority girl set fire to her phone while high that week.

While information or reviews on important events such as the Philly Fringe Festival — home to progressive contemporary artistic performances — will never be reported on, 34th Street will at least supply us with the diary entries of literally anyone who got ghosted on Tinder.


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