Ten Things I Learned in Office Hours

Juliette Palermo presents “Ten Things I Learned in Office Hours,” alternatively titled the “Ten Commandments of Academics”

  1. The midterm that I thought was next week, is actually tomorrow.
  2. “I’m looking for tenured teaching positions in other universities.”
  3. I read the wrong chapter…in the wrong textbook.
  4. “It’s on the syllabus.”
  5. I should come to lecture more often.
  6. It is too late to drop the class, but it is not too late to withdraw from the class. But I still don’t know what “withdraw” means.
  7. I should use Khan Academy.
  8. Office hours are basically networking, but only if you’re delusional, and too lazy for networking.
  9. If I get an A+ on my next three exams, I won’t be in danger of failing the class.
  10. I should “come to more office hours.”



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