Crossword for Crossing Campus

crossword puzzle (2)



  • 3. You can barely make it to DRL and they are on their 5th mile
  • 4. Playground by day, uncomfortable sex cave by night
  • 5. Annoying to whip out and blow in public
  • 7. Public urinal
  • 9. Quirky op-ed writers ride these to class
  • 10. Where are their parents? Seriously?
  • 12. Are going to hell, says the yell-y guy in the cargo shorts


  • 1. Don’t make eye contact. You’re not a bad person. Just late for class. Always.
  • 2. Deserve to be trampled
  • 6. The worstest boys
  • 8. The goodest boys
  • 11. A crime to whip out or blow in public









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