Girl Who Just Signed Her Text “Best, Genevieve” is Actually the Worst

Ryan Tranelli (C’21) is a sophomore in FREN120. The class was just assigned a group project on French music. After the inevitably awkward exchange of numbers, Ryan created a group chat with him, Genevieve Gordon-Smith (W’21) and their two other group members, Aaron Smith* (C’21) and Allison Greene* (C’22) (names removed to protect anonymity). Immediately after, Genevieve added a Group Name to the group chat, “FREN120: Elementary French II Group Project”… an ominous sign.

A few days later, Ryan sent a message in the group chat to organize a time to meet to work on the project. Ryan and his two other group members sent the dates/times that were most convenient for them. Then, the unthinkable happened. This is the text Ryan and his group members received:

“Hello all,

I can meet Thursday at 10:30 pm (EST) or Friday at 9:00 am (EST). Let me know which date is best for you all. I look forward to working alongside you all. And, of course, I will happily book a Group Study Room in John M. Huntsman Hall.


Genevieve Gordon-Smith

Class of 2021

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania”


Ryan, Aaron, and Allison promptly dropped the class.

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