Thriving @ Penn presents “How to Pennface”

You are walking down Locust.

Someone is waving at you.

You vaguely recognize them from a class you dropped last week, but can’t remember their name.

They ask:

“Hey, how are you doing?”


You have a moment of internal panic:

“How AM I doing?”

The following thoughts run through your head:

“Shit. I just failed my first midterm AND I didn’t even step on the compass.”

“I definitely should not have gone drinking on a Monday night.”

“I should probably get started on my lit review.”

“I’m already out of dining dollars.”

“Shoot, what is this person’s name?”

“I’ve been running on 4 hours of sleep since NSO”

“I’ve missed my CAPs appointment for the past 2 weeks”

“I’m currently running late to lab.”

“Should I take the newspaper the person near me is shoving into my face?”

“I was the only person to show up to my 3- person intro- level Italian class today.”

“My phone is at 1% and I forgot my charger.”

“Crap. I forgot my phone.”

“I should finally learn how to do laundry.”

What you actually say:

“I’m doing great, thanks!”


But it doesn’t matter, because they were actually asking the person walking behind you.


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