Pillsbury Doughboy Erotic Fanfiction

Everything was slick. The butter from the hot, steamy Pillsbury crescent rolls had gotten all over his soft, lipless mouth and dribbled down. As buttery, flaky, and mouth-watering as those rolls were, they were nothing compared to his tempting figure. Everything about him said, “Come on, take a bite.”

I remember when I first laid eyes on the Pillsbury Doughboy. I knew he was a natural leader in the kitchen due to his large chef’s hat, but I wondered where else his expertise may lie…

He was nervous at first, any touch made him giggle. But this would soon change. It wasn’t long before the Doughboy became a Doughman.



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  1. i am looking for more steamy fanfics of pillsbury doughboy can anyone point me in the direction of more slick stories pls pls

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