Planet Penn: A Close Encounter

This is the classic tale of a predator and its unassuming prey:


The predator is a power seeker.

It roams the watering hole, known to some as Houston Hall.

This region is teeming with activity and life.

Its eyes dart back and forth, scanning the terrain for potential victims.

The prospective prey is peacefully grazing upon their Houston salad bowl.

Prowling behind a partition, the predator ponders whether or not it should pounce.

It has decided.

It will.

The predator circles their prey, inching closer and closer.

However, the predator is far from subtle, and the “unsuspecting” prey rolls their eyes.

The predator lurks nearby for an uncomfortably long time.

Tension is in the air.

Will there be awkward eye contact?

In the blink of an eye, the predator has disappeared behind the column.

No, there will be no eye contact.

The prey sighs in relief and resumes feeding.

Suddenly the predator flies out from the prey’s blind spot.

The predator returns, followed by their pack.

Forming a ring, the predators entrap the helpless prey.

It has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

The predator brandishes a pen in one hand and a binder in the other:

“I PrOMiSe this will only take a few seconds. Sign this and help me run for Undergraduate Assembly!”


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