Woke or Broke: Penn Students Weigh In On Why They Will Be Boycotting Miguel Concert

Since SPEC announced that Miguel would be headlining this year’s Spring Fling concert, students have expressed lots of opinions on the matter. We took to the streets, i.e. Locust Walk, to ask students to share their thoughts on the concert and Miguel.

Meghan, co 2020: “I am personally boycotting the concert due to sexual assault allegations from 2017. There’s a page on Facebook about it.* ”

Michael, co 2021: “Yeah, man. I’m pumped. ‘How Many Drinks?’ is my personal anthem.”

Marcus, co 2022: “I’m trying to figure out the cheapest way to get the girls in my hall a lot of alcohol, so they’ll hang out with me all weekend and fakes are expensive. I don’t think I can afford the ticket this year. Also, isn’t that guy a creep. I think I saw something about it on Facebook.”

Megan, co 2201: “I don’t care about the concert. I’m just trying to get Magic Garden tickets.  Is this going on social media? If anyone has two tickets please hit me up, I will pay top dollar!”

Megyn, co 2025: “I’ve literally never heard of him before this week and I’m late for class.”

Me@ghen, co 2020: “Why would I pay money to listen to crappy music with a bunch of sweaty, drunk strangers when frats are free?”

Mark, co 2019: “Who even goes to the concert? Anyway, I have two Magic Garden tickets I’m trying to sell. You want them?”

Meg, co 2012: “Miguel kicked me in the head at a concert in 2013 and I just want to talk.”

Megan #2, co 2021: “Honestly, last year’s concert had my dream line-up and this year just can’t compete.”

Mike**, co 2022: “Wait. Who’s performing?”

As you can see, there is a resounding consensus on campus that this will be the greatest concert in Fling history. Remember: drink water, stay safe, and the Magic Garden tickets were inside you all along.



** Pronounced meh-gan

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